Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2012 March Weddings

March 2nd     Echo Storch and Benjamin Green

March 3rd     Kristen McKeever and Michael Fuentes

March 10th    Danika Darby and Jake Griggs
                  Jessica Weakley and Michael Brown
                 Shelby Bain and Coy Lancaster

March 31st   Chelsie Wilcox and Daniel Jett
                 Mary Vickery and Taylor Verett

2012 February Babies

February 11th
Suzanne and Justin Waldrip are expecting a boy!
Steely and Kevin Armstrong are expecting a boy!

February 13th
Courtney and Kyle Long are expecting a boy!

February 24th
Leslie and Robby Boyd are expecting a girl!

February 26th
Brooke Melton is expecting a boy!

2012 February Weddings

February 25th Wendy Covert and Matt Maury